Petros Stylianakis Profile

The joy of creation is very important for me. I am a passionate person and this passion reflects on my pictures. Pressing the camera shutter is not a mechanical action for me. It’s an action that comes from the heart, and with love. For me your wedding day is equally important as it is for your, and as such I will treat it.

My aim is not just to document your day photographically. Its to travel you back in time every time you see your pictures. To travel you back to that day, that moment, that emotion. Its do create, together, a unique love story that you will enjoy going back to every time.

My approach to your wedding day is not intrusive and as conspicuous as possible. Your emotions, our skills in lighting and technique, and our artistic view, is some of the tools we will use to document your special day the best way possible. However, I do understand the need for family pictures too and I am more than happy to organize family members and friends for family/group pictures.

I am a firm believer that beauty lies in the details, and this is exactly what I look for, every day, in all my tasks. Express your emotions freely and rest assured that I will be there to document them with every detail.