profilePetros Stylianakis is a wedding and fashion photographer born in Cyprus in 1971. Petros studied in England and is a holder of BEng in Electronic Computer Systems, MSc in Data Telecom and Networks as well as an M.B.A. His interest in photography emerged very early in his life. As he said “I always remember my self having a camera in my hand, from the early days of my life I was the one taking pictures on family vacations. Even when in England as a student I was still using my film camera almost on a daily basis”.  After returning to Cyprus, Petros was involved in different projects in the field of Telecom and Networks as well as in the fashion Business as an Importer and Distributor of High end Fashion Brands. His passion for Photography however, was always there and in 2009 he decided to dedicate his energy solely on Photography. His Engineering background helped him in understanding the technical aspects of photography and now he is at a level that teaches other photographers about lighting and other technical aspects of photography. His approach on any project is based on two important elements in his style of photography… One is the understanding of Light and how to manipulate it in order to get the most out of the situation and the other is to press the button on his camera with his heart and not his finger. Correct Lighting and the love he puts in to his work is what makes his images stand out.

Petros has his own studio in Paphos, a studio of 500m2 shooting space, 50m2 styling room, office space, kitchen area, and other amenities. He also shoots in a studio in Limassol that is shared with Moi Ostrov studio. His involvement with the productions for Moi Ostrov Studio made him internationally known as a Light Engineer on set, and has worked with major international names in photography and publications such as Condé Nast (publishers of VOGUE, GQ, VANITY FAIR etc). “Probably the biggest university in Photography is seeing internationally established photographers in action” he said and “provided that you have your eyes and ears open you will learn in a short time what you could learn in working just on your own in decades”.

It is this experience and knowledge gained that gave him the confidence in starting passing all this to fellow photographers through seminars and workshops. Either on his own or working with acclaimed photographers Petros has started a series or teaching seminars throughout Cyprus.